Monday, March 24, 2008

CVS Coming to the Community

CVS broke ground on the corner of Wm Floyd Pky. & Havenwood Dr.
Although many Smith Point residents were not in favor of the approval of CVS on the corner of Havenwood Dr and Wm Floyd Pky, it was mainly due to traffic issues and the fact that we were initially advised that CVS was to be built on Neighborhood Road in Mastic Beach as an anchor store in the revitalization project. Obviously, this CVS will be located in our community and hopefully they will be a good neighbor to the residents of Smith Point. They are making tremendous progress and our residents will surely look forward to their grand opening.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

It Takes A Village?

Neighboring civic association Pattersquash Creek Civic held a meeting for the Tri-Hamlet community to discuss the creation of a Village and its potential to gain control of housing issues in the area. Through more stringent zoning and licensing, Villages have greater influence over how properties are planned, developed and utilized. The creation of a Village is a daunting task however and examining it as possibility for the Tri-Hamlet communities is the only first step of the process. Local residents have expressed mixed feelings about becoming an Incorporated Village and we will surely be hearing more on this very important topic in the future.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

WBLI DJ Apologizes

When WBLI radio DJ Randy Spears made derogatory remarks against the Mastic-Shirley community residents joined together to protest and boycott the radio station and demand an apology from DJ Randy.
WBLI Station Manager John Shea, along with Randy Spears and his morning co-hosts met with Community Coalition Members and elected officials on Monday March 3rd to apologize for remarks made against the community. Reading from a written statement, Randy spoke about the positive attributes of Shirley and the Mastics, including its historic significance and agreed to return to the community for a tour, and to work with the community leaders and officials to help promote the positive side of the community we call "HOME".

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Boscos Bulldozed!

The former Bosco's Pizzeria and other structures on that site have finally been demolished. The site had been an eyesore and plagued with problems for quite some time and most recently was the site of a community protest against crime in the area. Suffolk County has donated land adjacent to the old pizzeria site to Brookhaven Town for use as a municipal parking lot in accordance with the Mastic Road revitalization plan. A fine example of both levels of government working together to help our community. It is expected that Dunkin Donuts will be built upon the site in the near future. It will be a welcomed improvement.