Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Ever-Expanding Village of Smith Point

There has been much excitement over the past few weeks and months regarding various people and committees working to create the Incorporated Village of Smith Point. Unfortunately, it seems there is conflict and confusion when it comes to defining: Smith Point.

Interestingly enough, the original Smith Point Beach Property Owners Association used to hand out a pamphlet from the Manor of St. George which outlined the boundaries that were used for their organization starting at the tip of the peninsula and heading north to Goldengate and Havenwood, west to Smith Rd. and east to Johns Neck Creek. This was considered the Smith Point boundary - the Smith Point community.

Of course things have changed over the past few years and as the new regime from Woodland Estates and North Shirley took over the SPBPOA and formed their village incorporation group, the boundaries of both the association (SPBPOA) and the potential village (Village committee) have moved considerably north and excluded parts of the southern peninsula. Some people who attended the village exploration meetings were disappointed when they discovered their neighborhoods were not included in the village boundaries. Ultimately, this led not only to some of the peninsula neighborhoods moved into the Mastic Beach village boundaries, but to the formation of a second village committee, the Smith Point Village Exploratory committee, interested in incorporating all of the 11967 area south of Sunrise Highway. The idea behind this is to include all south Shirley residents and businesses.

Of course all of these ideas were designed to improve the area overall, but is it realistic to believe that two groups can simultaneously work at village incorporation for the same area with differing boundaries? Will it be a "race to the finish" situation? Or will it cause further dissention among the people of the community these villages hope to serve?

Smith Point Peninsula Homeowners Association has not taken a stand with either of these committees. We have strong concerns about this village endeavor and worry that it may end up thwarting rather than promoting an improved community. At this time we remain focused on our beautification and quality of life projects for the peninsula community and leave it up to each of you to decide where you stand on this issue.