Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Smith Point Homeowners - Back To Work

After a summer meeting hiatus, Smith Point Peninsula Homeowners Association had their fall meeting on Tuesday, September 16th at the Mastic Beach Firehouse. President Vinny Albino brought everyone up to speed on the status of the numerous property complaints that our association has brought to the Town of Brookhaven. If you are having a problem with a neighborhood "eyesore", please send us an email with the address and description of the complaint. (Email: Each complaint is investigated and addressed and we will succeed at cleaning up our community one property at a time.

Everyone commented on the tremendous success of the Shirley Beach this season. The beach was utilized more than it has been in many years. With vandalism down and picnicking up, its safe to say that we are indeed "Taking care of our own backyard!" So many residents have thanked our association for bringing this park back to the gem it was meant to be. These efforts will be continued throughout the winter months for locals to enjoy.

Mosquitoes were once again a "biting" topic. Suffolk County will be spraying our area over the next few days. If you are having problems with mosquitoes, please contact Vector Control at (631) 852-4270.

Stay tuned to our website for our upcoming events and for happenings in the Smith Point area.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricane Season

As we enter this second weekend in September, our news channels are flooded (no pun intended) with warnings and images of Hurricane Ike bearing down on Texas. With an expected flood wall exceeding 20 feet, residents there were strongly advised to evacuate or face "certain death". Amazingly, some people chose not to evacuate. We should keep them in our prayers. Approximately 100 years ago, this same Texas area was destroyed by a hurricane with tens of thousands of people killed. Seventy years ago, the Mastic-Shirley community faced that same devastation. So as we watch Hurricane Ike this weekend, we should remember - "There but for the grace of God, go I." Our community is as vulnerable as New Orleans or Galveston. Your family should have their own evacuation plan in place. Keep your valuables, including insurance policies, in an easily accessible place. Have a first aid kit, batteries, working flashlights, portable radio, canned goods and bottled water stored somewhere safe and easy to get to. Don't wait for the devastation to hit - take a page out of the Boy Scout manual - BE PREPARED!