Friday, July 3, 2009

Smith Point Buoys Afloat Again thanks to SPPHOA!

After almost two years of lobbying on behalf of all boaters utilizing the Smith Point Marina, we are proud to announce that the efforts of the Smith Point Peninsula Homeowner's Association have been fruitful and an agreement has been reached between Suffolk County and Brookhaven Town to replace the buoys in the channel leading out to the bay. Many a boat was damaged since the buoys were removed and not replaced.
Special thanks to SPPHOA President Vinny Albino and member Richard Hagan for staying on top of this issue and bringing it to the attention of government officials. Suffolk County Legislator Kate Browning and Councilman Keith Romaine have been able to work out the details necessary to use intergovernmental resources to acheive this result.
Once again, the Smith Point Peninsula Homeowner's Association shows that it is possible to accomplish our goals, taking care of our own backyard!