Sunday, June 28, 2009

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Many people in the community gripe about the lack of sit-down dining in our area. We are all aware of the over abundance of fast food restaurants but we also have two successful restaurants, Manor House and Mike's Place Too. Still, if you want to go to a family style restaurant, or a more upscale or ambiant restaurant, you would have to travel outside our community. Over the past few years, we have heard the rumblings of some potential new restaurants coming to our community - and no, we aren't referring to another fast-food-drive-thru....
The William Floyd Community Summit hosted the owners and/or representatives of Applebee's, Friendly's and Mama Lisa's to discuss their upcoming community projects. Applebee's will be opening a beautiful 180 seat restaurant in the shopping center at the corner of William Floyd Pky and Montauk Highway approximately October 6, 2009. Friendly's will be opening one of their family-friendly restaurants sometime in November 2009 at the former Firestone Deli location. Mama Lisa's will be opening an elegant Italian restaurant where the old Bel Aire Tavern once stood. These three projects have been in the works for awhile now but were having difficulty getting approvals from Suffolk County Health Department. That has now been taken care of and we can finally look forward to some new sit-down dining in our community. Thanks go out to Beth Wahl and the Summit for bringing these representatives, as well as Brookhaven Town's Planning department, to the meeting to keep the community informed.

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