Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hurricane Season 2009

Well, Hurricane season is in full swing now. We've already had one near miss with "Bill" and now it appears that "Danny" may be brushing by us this weekend. Forecasters have been saying that our area is DUE for a hurricane hit. Are you prepared if our lovely below sea level community is socked with a storm surge? It would likely be Katrina revisited. Although there are coastal evacuation signs along the William Floyd Parkway, they will not help if everyone is trying to make their way north at the same time and at the last minute. Plan ahead. Now is a good time to think about what you and your family will do in case of just such an emergency. Make your own hurricane preparedness plan. Give yourself plenty of time to get to higher ground. Try to secure valuables and important paperwork ahead of time. Set up a meeting place for your family members to gather. Make arrangements to place family pets. Don't wait until the hurricane hits to think about these things. Remember, fail to plan = plan to fail!

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