Tuesday, August 11, 2009

SPPHOA Swings into Action!

Smith Point Peninsula Homeowners Association, stewards of Shirley Beach at Smith Landing, have been successfully lobbying Brookhaven Town Parks department to help improve the park there. In addition to having new BBQ's and picnic tables, we now have brand new playground equipment for the local children (and parents) to enjoy. Commissioner Ed Morris and Deputy Commissioner Carol Bissonette attended our last meeting to talk about the successes we have shared and what we can expect moving forward. As many of you know, SPPHOA has been working in concert with the Parks Department to keep the park clean, planting flowers and identifying additional improvements that would benefit the neighborhood. The upcoming project, which should begin in another week or so, is preparing the platform for the bronze sculpture that was donated, thanks to the William Floyd Community Summit's Beautification Committee. These are all part of the wonderful things we can accomplish when we work together with other solid organizations and with our government officials. We look forward to continuing this work for our community.

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